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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't Blog and Bike

How do you blog & bike at the same time?

A few people have asked me this question. It reminds me of the time when I went cycling and wine-tasting in Oregon's Yamhill County.

The simple answer: You don't do both simultaneously. I'll be posting to the blog when I'm taking a break. We cyclists are told we should consider ourselves as vehicles and obey all the rules of the road. (Of course, we all know drivers who text or talk on their cell while switching lanes.)

I don't expect to be writing long essays about the experience during STP. I probably won't even post a paragraph.

What I hope to do is take photos or video of the scene, maybe add a few words to describe what's happening. The purpose is to document the experience as it's lived by one participant. I can go back and add more text and thought later.

As one friend reminded me, I should be out there having fun and taking in the scenery, not worrying about whether I've tweeted it in the past 5 minutes. I expect we'll take snack/water/pee breaks every 30 miles, and so I'll be happy if I am able to post 5 photos a day.

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