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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Me and my bike

I'm at Warren Magnuson Park with a fun group of Cascade Bicycle Club riders.

We are chowing down on Papa John's pizza. I think I am on my third bottle of water. Thank you, Cascade, for holding the pizza party!

We're celebrating the end of training for STP. We rode about 50 miles today around Lake Washington. I was way behind the group but I pulled a respectable average speed of 14 mph.

I made the mistake of not eating or drinking before the ride, and I ran out of water because we didn't stop in Renton as we did before. I need to get another water bottle holder on my bike.

One of the great things about training is getting to meet others. On today's ride I met a cardiologist from Federal Way and two people who came from Port Orchard. We talked about our aches and pains, admired each others' bikes and agreed to look for each other on Saturday.

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