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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vital stats on STP

Last year, about 9,500 cyclists participated in the Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, according to the Cascade Bicycle Club, which organizes the annual event. That makes it the largest multi-day ride in the Pacific Northwest.

Here are some key statistics, based on self-reported data:
  • Cyclists came from 44 states (primarily Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho) and several foreign countries.
  • About 70% of the riders were males.
  • Oldest rider was 85.
  • Youngest rider was 4.
  • Almost one in five were riding in STP for the first time.
  • 310 riders have done the event 10 or more times.

Data on cyclists participating in this year's event (30th anniversary) isn't available yet, according to Cascade.

This year's route is 202.25 miles, of which 30.87 miles is uphill. If you add up all the vertical distance of all the hills we'll be climbing, it adds up to 1,951 feet! But we won't be riding in the mountains: The maximum altitude we'll ride at is 463 feet above sea level.

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