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Monday, July 6, 2009

STP starts in four days and 10 hours

Geez, I'm going to be in pain.

The most important factor in preparing for any endurance ride is mileage. Since I started riding seriously in early May, I've racked up about 400 miles of saddle time.

That's far short of the cumulative 2,400-plus miles recommended in Cascade Bicycle Club's STP basic training plan. The club's plan recommends participants start riding in mid-February, and Cycle University's Cascade Training Series gets going in mid-March.

According to the club, two-day riders will need to average 10 mph to finish each 103-mile day in under 11 hours, with 55 minutes of breaks each day.

Of course, average speed may need to be higher if you have a flat tire or two, snack frequently or have an insatiable desire to update your STP blog.

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